Mangalsutra - The Hindu Symbol Of Matrimony

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In the Hindu culture, a wedded lady can be effortlessly recognized through the show of the kumkum, nosepin, Mangalsutra, bangles and toe rings.Amongst these indications of marriage, the Mangalsutra is the most pertinent customary Indian neckband.

Indian Traditions In The Modern World

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The mind boggling abundance of India's social legacy has been investigated like never before over the most recent couple of decades by the west, yet there is constantly considerably more to be revealed. Real worldwide stars have advanced a few components of Indian culture and custom, conveying them to the catwalk or in front of an audience.

Latest Ring Trend -2017

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For long, the word ring has been related with a brilliant band or a solitaire. However, today, on the off chance that you have been following the most recent patterns in rings, at that point you are more likely to not go over rings in dynamic hues studded with sparkling stones.

Culture Of Rajasthan

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As the Rajasthan's first historically Fashion Week approaches, the question on everybody's mind is: What is so extraordinary about Rajasthani mold, at any rate? The appropriate response is the arrangement. All things considered, what else you would anticipate from a land with illustrious legacy.

The Perfect Wedding Lehenga

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Each lady of the hour needs to look great on her big day and won't make do with anything besides the ideal outfit. On the off chance that you are hoping to locate the ideal lehenga for your wedding, at that point search for rich textures, complimenting cuts and wonderful craftmanship

Saree's History

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The name "sari" originated from the Sanskrit word significance piece of fabric, yet could likewise be gotten from the Prakrit word "sattika" in Buddhist Jain writing, which means ladies' clothing.

Handlooms From Orissa

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Handloom is one of the finest work present in each cornerstone of a state reflecting rich culture and diversity.Odisha sarees for instance have a long history. These sarees have a history and the managing divinity of Lord JagannathPuri is constantly spruced up in one of the Odisha Sarees. Verifiable records at the JagannathTemple in Puri show that shlokas from the Gita were woven into fabric and gave to the sanctuary. The Odisha sarees are m

Picking A Wedding Saree For Your Big Day

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We realize that the most imperative part of your wedding shopping is the choice of the wedding saree. When we say wedding sarees, we know you're supposing brilliant hues, rich textures, customary themes and mind boggling handwork.
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